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Lose weight through swimming

Swimming can be more than a hobby. If you want to lose weight and the common cardio exercises seem a bit much for you, then swimming is your alternative. In fact, swimming will provide you with a full body workout.

There is no specific amount of weight one can be promised they will lose through swimming. However, your weight, swimming speed, and strokes will determine how much weight you will lose. With a few swimming sessions every week, you will start seeing a difference.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends at least a two and a half hours of moderate exercise, swimming included, to help one lose weight. Sure, cutting down the calories in your diet will work but to accelerate the speed, you will need to exercise. But swimming to lose weight does not end once you have shed that fat. To maintain your new weight and body size, you need to keep swimming on the regular.      

Burn those calories

You might not believe it, but swimming will help you burn calories. A 30-minutes swimming session for someone weighing 70kgs (154lb) will burn approximately 255 calories while an hour swimming session burns around 510 calories. This is if one is swimming slow freestyle laps at a moderate rate.   

The more you weigh, the more calories you will burn and vice versa. Additionally, first swimmers tend to burn more calories than veteran swimmers. A veteran swimmer already knows how to move through the water with minimal resistance. However, they can burn more calories by adding a few sprints.

Tone those muscles

Swimming will also help you lose weight by toning your muscles. As mentioned earlier, swimming is also a cardiovascular type of exercise. It will put most of your muscles into work, some more than others, but they will get a burnout.

Your back (latissimus dorsi), shoulders (deltoids) will get most of the workout due to pulling to get your body through the water. Other muscles include your butt (glutes), pecs, and thighs (quads) due to the kicking.

It is important to note that your swimming strokes also play a significant role. Here are different types of strokes and the muscles that will be affected:

  • Freestyle- biceps, triceps, forearms, chest, neck, and middle and upper back.
  • Butterfly- neck, chest, shoulders, abs, upper and lower back, hamstring, trapezoids, calves, lateral hamstring, and quads.
  • Breaststroke- chest, calves, quads, and the back of your shoulders.
  • Backstroke- middle and upper back, quads, trapezoids, and glutes.   

In conclusion, hitting the gym is not the only solution to losing weight. Swimming is an alternative you can go with since it also involves putting most of your muscles into work. Learn the different styles of swimming and incorporate them into most of your sessions. This will ensure your whole body gets worked up. Most importantly, do not give up swimming once you start shedding off the fat.

It is highly recommended for you to work with an organization that has a team of professional coaches and instructors that will be with you throughout your weight loss journey. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

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